Places To Be

“And yet all I have done is establish I can’t get anywhere by noon.”

The tepid stare coming from across the desk left her wondering whether that had been the correct thing to announce at this precise moment in her life, to the particular people in this particular room.

“I see,” grumbled the mustached man, his overly round bifocals seeming to adjust themselves in contempt.

Her application papers sat uncomfortably under his nose as he let out a sigh. If paper could smell, she was curious what it would think of his breath.

The woman who seemed much too old to be as young as she looked shifted rigidly in her seat and adjusted her suit jacket.

It was peculiar to our young applicant that everyone present in the room was in fact present of their own volition. The mustached man attempted brief eye contact with  the woman in the suit, but failed miserably. It appeared that the woman in the suit was only in the room with her body.

Where does a person go when they have vacated the room, but left their physical presence? It was these things that distracted the mind of the applicant as she solicited something appropriate to indemnify her announcement.

Nothing came.


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